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                                  Vacaville Unified School District

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                                  Parent Newsletter


                                  Kindergarten Registration began on March 3rd.  Please remember that registration for our AM classes is first come, first served so if you are hoping for a morning kindergarten class please get your packets turned in early! 

                                   This is also when we will begin accepting registration for grades 1 - 6 for the 2020/2021 school year.  

                                  Intra-district transfer requests for the 2020/2021 school year will be accepted beginning on March 2nd. Decisions will not be made on transfer requests until June 8th, however, approval is also based on a first come, first served basis. 

                                  Please click the Enroll at Alamo button below for registration forms and information regarding enrollment/transfer requests. You are also welcome to call the office at (707) 453-6200 if you have any questions.

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                                  EAGLe EVENTS
                                  Bell Schedule


                                  8:10-11:30         Kindergarten   AM           (M, T, W, TH, F)   

                                  11:10-2:30         Kindergarten   PM            (M, T, TH, F)

                                  8:10-11:30         Kindergarten   PM            Wednesdays and Minimum Days

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                                  8:25-2:30             Grades 1 –3                     (M, T, TH, F)

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                                  8:25-1:10               Grades 1-6                      Wednesdays

                                  8:25-12:35            Grades 1–3                 Minimum Days

                                  8:25–12:40            Grades 4-6                     Minimum Days

                                  (Please note: Last day of school, all 1st-6th grade classes: 8:25-11:25, no recesses)

                                                          Morning Recess

                                  Grades 1 -3

                                  10:00-10:15 (M-F)

                                  Grade 4-6

                                  10:20-10:35  (M-F)


                                                          Afternoon Recess

                                  Grades 1-2

                                  1:10-1:25    (M,T,TH,F)

                                  Grades 3

                                  1:30-1:45 (M,T,TH,F)






                                  The Alamo Garden can be seen when you walk down the second grade hallway.  This is not only beautiful but is also used for various lessons as well as by an after school group of 4th, 5th, and 6th graders known as Hardt's Garden Gophers.  The Garden Gophers work with second grade teacher Mrs. Hardt a couple of times a year where they learn about the various aspects of gardening.