Knowledge ignites action. That’s why we base our work in research. We conduct studies, develop tools and write
and present best practices that illustrates what business can do when challenged with safeguarding children’s rights.

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Global Child Forum is issuing an urgent call for business to create tangible initiatives and forge partnerships which advance children’s rights in your operations, supply chains and in the communities in which you operate. We want to create a movement – to deliver actionable initiatives that contribute to advancing children’s rights. 苹果手机全局代理软件下载


What needs to be done to advance children’s rights?
Listen to some of the voices from Global Child Forums. Scroll right for more videos.

Global Child Forum at the Swedish Royal Palace, 2018

Lise Kingo at Global Child Forum, the Swedish Royal Palace 2018 #1

Fauza and Kesia, Indonesian Children’s Advisory Committee, Time to Talk! at Global Child Forum 2018

Natalie Au at Global Child Forum, the Swedish Royal Palace 2018

Side by Side, Global Child Forum 2018

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Lise Kingo at Global Child Forum, the Swedish Royal Palace 2018 #2

South America: Investing in Every Child

Lise Kingo, CEO and Executive Director, UN Global Compact at Global Child Forum 2018

Global Child Forum on Southeast Asia

H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweden - Global Child Forum Partner Advisory Board Meeting 2016

Mike A. Parra, Chief Executive Officer, DHL Express Americas

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This is the Global Child Forum

Albern Murty, Chief Executive Officer, Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd

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H.M. Queen Silvia - Global Child Forum 2015

Per Heggenes, CEO, IKEA Foundation - Interview at the Child Forum SEA 2016

2021年度北京市级行政机关和区政府绩效考评会议 - 千龙网· ...:2021年2月10日下午14:00在北京会议中心9号楼3层多功能厅召开2021年度市级行政机关和区政府绩效考评会议。

Rick Ramli, Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group - Global Child Forum SEA 2016


北京市2021年度市级行政机关和区政府绩效考评会议 - 千龙网· ...:2月9日8:30至20:30,北京市将召开2021年度北京市级行政机关和区政府绩效考评会议。届时,北京市60个市级行政机关和16个区政府将进行述职,市领导、部分市人大代表、市政协委员和社会各界代表等240余人现场听取述职并打分评价。 千龙网(www.qianlong.com ...